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DHs Afghan almost done

Posted by sallenlouise on December 16, 2006

~My Masterpieces in the works! Wink Wink!!~

~This is what I am working on for the love of my life! Yes, I’m a big sap. I will do something more detailed next. I’m using the Dreamcatcher pattern. I originally was going to make the Monet Afghan by The Crochet Dude, but when my PC crashed, I didn’t have the pattern. (I need to be able to look at it because I couldn’t remember the starting chain, and whether it was 1 sc and 2 dc, skip 2, or reversed) I’m using RH soft navy, and RH sh. dusk for the joining. On the pic it looks like there is purple, that is actually off, because its another blue.
~Now, how did I get this pic? My scanner! I never thought about scanning an item………just pics,lol! My friend gave me the idea! (I ended up looking like a dope, but that’s another story!)
~I am almost done with my DDs afghan. I still need to edge my oldest DDs afghan, but that should take no time at all.

~A true friend is the gift of God, and he only who made hearts can unite them.~
~~ Robert South ~~


One Response to “DHs Afghan almost done”

  1. Miranda said

    That looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the finished afghan!!

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