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More Yarn Bee!

Posted by sallenlouise on December 16, 2006


~When I bought 16 skeins yesterday, it was YarnBee Soft Delight in pale pink. I bought 4 more today. I also bought 20 skeins in purple today. Awwwww, the touch, the feel of YARN!

~You would think that would have put a clamp on my YAS…..as I said, you would think! lol

~OK, It didn’t quite clamp it, and if they have another great sale on any yum yarns, I think I will cry. I CAN NOT BUY ANY MORE YARN TILL NEXT YEAR! In actuality, that’s not a long wait…..but, WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

~Oh, I need to show you what I found last week!!!! I thought it was a great buy!

~I picked up a kit that was originally $42.77 discounted to $25.49!
It is the Bernat “Sweet Liberty” afghan from the Americana Collection.
~I think the price was really good, considering it had the pattern, the hook and all of that wonderful, wonderful yarn!
~OK, I know that I scanned the the nonEnglish side, but my DD had been sitting on it and the wrapper sort of got torn and wrinkled……….and she split the bag……… It was actually in perfect condition before her little behind found a seat!
~Again, this find was at Hobby Lobby. The store is actually right across the street from me………..it’s walkable! I’m sooooo in trouble! Walmart is now a walkable distance aswell!

I think that is all the YAS news for today!!

A true friend is the gift of God, and he only who made hearts can unite them.~
~~ Robert South ~~


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