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Tomorrow is Dance Day!

Posted by sallenlouise on January 8, 2007

~Tuesday , 01/09/07 is Dance Day! So, HAPPY DANCE DAY TO ALL OF YOU!Break out the old ……ok, just break out the music! Grab that special person, and dance like you did when you were a teenager! (or young adult!)
~The kids and I are always dancing and singing around here. They love getting all goofy, and prancing around the house with mom!!
~Ummmm, just the other day, we were doing just that, and, well, I ended up doing a belly flop on my dining room floor. It did not feel very nice at all. My right side got it the worst. Ofcourse, the toe that I broke got smacked around too…….go figure!
~ Now, the girls did try to act concerned. TRY being the operative word. You could see they were trying so hard hard not to laugh. When I said….don’t you dare……we all just bursted out laughing. They kept on about it for days!
~Have fun, but becareful! Try not to do any belly flops!

~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

~A true friend is the gift of God, and he only who made hearts can unite them.~~~ Robert South ~~


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