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YAY, more free patterns from Annies!

Posted by sallenlouise on January 8, 2007

~Ok, I know ya’ll probably know about this already, but here is the link. It is for the Annies Attic Stitch Guide. When I clicked on the crochetknit basic stitch link, I was very pleased. On the right hand side, what did I see? A pattern link for Cozy Slippers. So, I started checking it out!
~I never realized the patterns before…….so I’m not sure if this is a new thing or not. Or, if they have a new one daily, as in the reg. pattern of the day. Anyhow, under Crochet, Basic Stitches,V-Stitch there was a pattern for the V-Stitch Pullover mens sweater. Not all of the stitches has a practice pattern link, But here are a few more! (OK, all under the crochet part! Plus, you may already have some of these saved, like I did)
Annies Attic
Dishcloth Scrubbers under the Reverse Single Crochet
Pretty Pink Pineapples (afghan) under Shell Stitch
Flowering Pineapple Doily under Treble Crochet
Puff N Squares afghan under Puff Stitch
Shimmering Pineapple Doily under Slip Stitch
Grape Harvest Doily under Popcorn Stitch
Picot Stitch Baby Blanket under Picot Stitch
Southwestern Cables Afghan under Long Double Crochet
Crocheted Shell (womans top) under Half Double Crochet
Bookends under Front Cross Stitch
Between-Meal Centerpiece under Double Treble Crochet
Lovers knot Afghan under Double Love Knot
Teddy Bear Afghan under Double Crochet Color Change
Baby Granny Afghan under Double Crochet
Roll-Around Pot Holder under Crochet on a Roll (roll stitch)
Pineapple Afghan under Chain Color Chain
Victorian Christmas Winter Wrap-Up afghan under Double Crochet Cluster

~Happy Crocheting All!

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