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OK…………I’m here

Posted by sallenlouise on February 6, 2007

Boy oh boy, it has been crazy since my hubby got home.
First off, he’s left, came back, and left again since my last post.
We are going through some changes, and having to make plans to make sure everything works how it should. It’s crazy, it’s stressfull, and we’re both just like OH MY GOSH! I have been out of my mind……..Yet, I know I should just relax, it’s all in Gods hands.

I have not had the mind frame to post, to get online, let alone crochet….See, I told you it was crazy!Anyhow, since my last post, I may have fiddled with a few squares….mindless,lol! I still need to get the last 4 squares mailed for my Seasons Afghan square swap @ Lullabies and lace. I am making it a top priority to complete my cables sweater and pants by Sunday….I’m praying! I’m testing the pattern, and I just want it completed ASAP.

During the Super Bowl….what a game!…….I started crocheting a round ripple. This was not my choice, but it’s what happened. (I had all but my pattern for the sweater I’m working on) (I did get to buy more yarn, so all was not lost.)Miranda showed me the link for this PATTERN a while back, a few weeks ago, I got it from her again. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!I see a lot of these in my future! You should try it! I used a Q hook, RH in Cafe, RH in sandy print. I will pick it back up in a few weeks.


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One Response to “OK…………I’m here”

  1. Barb said

    I love those squares you have in your calendar, can’t wait too see your finished round ripple, I just finished one for Meg and started a 2nd for Les 🙂

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