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Playing Catch Up

Posted by sallenlouise on March 29, 2007

What a weird few weeks. My hubbies studying and the endless !TABS! have paid off!!! (tabs as in Avery, not the drink…Um, there is a drink, right?lol) He will soon be an official Journeyman Electrician.WOO HOO! He will take the masters exam in April.[He will not be a Master Electrician untill next year though.] I’m so excited and sooo proud!!!
We are on schedule, actually, a head of schedule for what we planned.[especially for the masters] It’s funny though, when we started the planning process, it seemed like forever away. Yet the closer it came……..the more we felt it. It’s hard to put into words. Now….wow!
We have all sacrificed for this to happen. Hubby the most. My friend said to me , that it was “probably harder for him than us. We miss just him when he’s gone, he’s missing all of us…… ” Ofcourse, thats not including the physical aspect. He has been working his behind off…..seriously, I can’t find it anymore!lol! Boy do I love my man!
~Ville Secret Pal~
I have neglected my unknown SP. If you are reading this…….you know how horrible I feel.
Your package was the absolute best!

She made me a plastic bag holder Angel. (that I have been wanting!!!!!) A dish soap dress, a dishcloth that is soo frilly and cute, that I don’t think that I can use it. The most precious Angel ever, just look at the detail!
A lovely card, 3 skeins of Jiffy yarn! AND, NO, I’m not done yet, lol!
The lovely book Gods Promises For Women. This will stay with me always.
Thank you soooooo much. I just love all of your work. You really are good at what you do.
I hope you don’t mind…….maybe I should have asked….I never thought of it untill now.
I’m using a pic of the beautiful shawl you made for me as a Shawl Swap button.
It really is special to me, and I just love it! I can’twait to find out who you are!
I do enjoy the suspense!!!
~My Known Ville SP~
She will soon be getting her reveal package!!!! I have a few more things to make, but it’s ready to go! I love spoiling her. I do hope she will enjoy this reveal! I really think she will like what I have surprised her with!
~SP 10~
I have already been spoiling my known SP! I think she’s enjoying her self so far!
I enjoy going to her blog! She’s an awesome knitter!
I’m on a square mission! I plan on having the square swap over at The Ranch finished in two weeks. YAY! I have 4 sent out already, and 16 to go!
I also need to edge 2 dishcloths for the Dishcloth Delights Swap, also at The Ranch.
I haven’t been able to crochet/knit for the last 2 weeks, als most 2 weeks anyway.
I have to send off my last square for the swap over at Lullabies.
Now……I’m signed up for the Shawl Swap at The Ranch.
I’mmmm already wanting an ongoing, like the Square swap at The Ranch and at Lullabies.
Any ideas?
Ohhhh, and I think we will be starting a tea pot cozy swap! yay~
OK, I’m tired now, lol! I’m heading to bed.
Happy Yarning all!

~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

~*~SIGN UPS OPEN End Of March~*~


One Response to “Playing Catch Up”

  1. Miranda said

    Hey Sonia~~Glad to see you back among the living. Congratulations to KC. Way to Go!!

    You are sure being spoiled by your SP from the Ville. Awesome stuff woman.

    Better get back into the groove with crocheting. Sounds like you have as much to do as I do.


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