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Posted by sallenlouise on April 7, 2007

Hi everyone! Another short post….but hey, at least I’m here~

I posted Selah’s purse on her blog……..She has been wanting to get in there,
but has not had the time. She designed it all by her self!! I’m a proud mamma!
(OK, yes, her blog is under my name…she was wanting a my space, but I don’t think
it’s appropriate for kids. This way, I know what’s going on, and no funny business!!
She’s happy though:) and so am I!!)

I have lots of pics of the puppies, but I just can’t be bothered to upload them right now.

I also went shopping! Ummmm, quite frequently….shoot! BUT, my birthday is next
week, so I have an excuse! I will update what I bought when I can add the links, and add pics.

Well, I have to go KNIT WITH TOOTHPICKS! Are you curious??? HEHEHEHEHE!
I will fill you in later! It’s a surprise!

Maybe Iwill remember to take a pic of the SKY today,I always forget!
{Granted, this may not be considered snow in your neck of the woods, but here, we take what we can get!}

~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~


2 Responses to “ITS SATURDAY!”

  1. Miranda said

    You sound like me….Busy..Busy. Selah’s blog looks great. Have a Happy Easter.

  2. Barb said

    Selah’s blog and purse look great 🙂 I have an idea what your knitting with toothpicks…well…maybe, I only know one thing, it’s a little sock for a sock blocker keychain, is that it??

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