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The Ville Spring SP Reveals Herself!

Posted by sallenlouise on April 12, 2007

SHE is JoAnn, aka, Jobug! She has been the best SP in all SPs everywhere!
Just look at all of the goodies she spoiled me with in her reveal package:
  • 1 DMC Traditions
  • 2 Sugar’n Cream
  • 2 skeins of Cloudspun
  • The cutest pink mini caddy
  • A gorgeous lavendar afghan
  • Lion Brand 5 Crochet Bag Designs
  • The Encyclopedia of Crochet
  • PSP 8

~*~A Filled Hook Case~*~

  • Bamboo hooks G – NA
  • little pair of scissors
  • stitch remover(not sure of the name)
  • Pattern Place marker sticky
She has been so sweet during the whole swap. I feel so spoiled and soo special! I’m so glad to have her as my unknown during my first SP.

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One Response to “The Ville Spring SP Reveals Herself!”

  1. Barb said

    Very nice package!! Do you know where the little pink/white bag comes from? i’ve seen a few packages that have it but don’t know where too get it, I LOVE it, maybe Michaels carries it than it MIGHT be available here 🙂

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