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It’s What Time???!!!

Posted by sallenlouise on April 29, 2007

Ummmmm, wow, it’s 330am and where in the world did the time go? I have been adding pages to my book along section, and didn’t realize it was this late, well early! Oh well.

YAY! We received our postcard swap addies today! So they are  ready to go for Monday. That was easy. I joined a couple of other swaps, but I will update those later.

I am coming down with something yet again. THIS IS AGGRAVATING! My throat has been sore all day Friday and Saturday. The cough is just getting going. I’m so happy. SInce I’ve quit smoking, I seem to catch everything. Does that sound right to you?? I don’t think so!

Puppy news! Brutus is no longer afraid of the puppies! WOO HOO! He is a big boy now, lol! He was actually playing with them tonight. It was so cute.

Next Saturday, I will will be getting up at I will not be going to bed. I am chaperoning the band field trip to Schlitterbahn. We leave at some ungodly hour and we’ll get there at about  9am. We won’t make it home until 2am that night. I must be crazy!!! But, we will have loads of fun! I will definitely be taking a few of my WIPS along. I think I should be able to accomplish something on the bus ride.



The Swap Ranch is holding a vote for our next Swap.

Come JOIN the fun, and vote now to find out what we will SWAP next.

The Poll Will Run Until May 4th.

Swap Choices

  1. Apron (kitchen)


  3. Coasters  (coming in firstplace)

  4. Doily

  5. Notions

  6. Summer Purse

  7. Tea Pot Cozy

  8. Yarn Swap

    We’re are a small group that welcomes crocheters and knitters of all experience levels. We can’t wait to swap with you! The more of us there are to swap, the better!


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