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Posted by sallenlouise on May 4, 2007

Reminder : HSK Swap Updates Here

Looky at what came in  the mail yesterday( a couple of days ago…..I hit save and not publish, go figure!) for me! I’m so excited!!! Nutty, you are so sweet!!! (Which by the way, you didn’t have to do any of this!) I love the little chimes! I will be planting the daisies, and drinking the coffee! (in my new coffee pot!)Here’s a no brainer, I will be eating the chocolate cookies too! hahaha!  I absolutely love the square you sent for the swap! Just gorge! The card was so sweet, Thank you!!!!!!

Did I mention that my hubby gave me a coffee pot? He ordered the Gevalia coffee, you know the special. Well, it’s really cool, and it matches my kitchen. I see a theme happening. The last few items that we have bought for the kitchen, have been silver. (Fridge, 2 door…..icemaker…..I have been wanting one for years, and we finally have one! The magic bullet…..hey, don’t knock it, it’s kick butt! Finally the coffee pot.) The set is worth it, the coffee is around $35 for 4 8oz boxes, the coffee pot sells for $90.oo….I say it’s a deal, even if you don’t want to keep buying the coffee. WHICH, by the way, I plan to keep getting it. I love it!

The brown mug with the coffee topper is from nutty, I just had to show a close of it!  That’s the new coffee pot with travel mugs. The 4 cup set in the top left were from my other mom as a house warming gift. Hey, you can even see part of my magic bullet!

I have added some stitch markers to my esty store, SALLENS BOUTIQUE. Go check them out!

If you are a member of HSKS and the Ranch, you will get a 10% discount!

Just be sure to convo me that you are and the details!



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