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ohh boy!

Posted by sallenlouise on May 22, 2007

Here I am again, not keeping up with posting. It has been crazy crazy here. We are trying to buy a house, OK, not WE, but Me! School is almost out, THURSAY, and we have had a ton of after school stuff going on. I have also been trying to sell the puppies. AND SWAPS SWAPS SWAPS, and TESTING! lol SO, very very busy.

I was tagged the other day, so I need to post that….I will. I also never got back in and updated my Trivia Qs for the KSKS. 😦 I have to do this weeks Q’s also.

So, over the next few days, I will be updating here, and showing off pics!


One Response to “ohh boy!”

  1. Jodi said

    Well, take a deep breath and relax for at least 2 minutes. You might hyperventalate (sp?) on us and then you won’t get anything done!

    I can’t wait you see your pictures!

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