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Another leave of absence…..

Posted by sallenlouise on July 25, 2007

I know, I know! It’s just I get on here, get what I need, do what I have to, and then…..I’m done. OK, there is something that I neglected to add. I end up on a continuous search for a pattern….no, not a specific pattern. It’s one that says “This is it, I’m the pattern you were looking for!” I know that I’m not the only one out there that does this. I can’t be. SPEAK UP for the love of everything good, speak up!!!!!

Moving passed that bit of madness! I have yet to upload these pics that are sitting in my camera. I have to load them, they are really nice. My SWAP partners would probably appreciate it if I did so. Swap partners…I will, very shortly!

I have a few projects going on, some I can discuss, other’s I can’t……ears and eyes are watching me…..the sneaky devils! They (my girls) always find out my crochet surprises. Hmmmm, we’ll see this time. Now I don’t remember what’s what…
I’m in a new SWAP, it’s called called Stitch Marker Stash Builder. You come on over and join, I’m the host. 🙂 You make 5 stitch marker’s for 2 people. Easy peasy!!!!

PC news…mine sucks! How’s that for news. For the last month, or more, my pc hasn’t been shutting down when I shut it down. It goes through the motions, getting my hopes up, teasing me, then it just restarts! Now, my lovely pc has started to shut down when I don’t ask it to. UMMMMM, hello, I was doing something here!!!!

So, who knows what’s going on. I think though that K.C. will need to leave the laptop at home the next time he goes out of town. I haven’t told him this bit of news yet…..hmm!

——->FYI:I just don’t want anyone going off the deep end if I can’t get online, so this is a heads up!……ummmm, weird, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone……

OK, this post has been brought to you by Me, the resident nut case! Have a great day y’all!


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The world today

Posted by sallenlouise on July 7, 2007

I was shocked today to hear about this. The TV has been off So, no news. Well,

today I read :

Burleson PD Arrest 3 For Attempted Church Arson

Wow. I just don’t understand what people are thinking these days.

Anyhow, I will be writing more tonight. I hope all has a great Saturday!

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Posted by sallenlouise on July 7, 2007

The Last Knit

I just love this! I have a feeling quite a few of us fiber art lovers goes for a little spin occasionally.

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Happy Friday To You!

Posted by sallenlouise on July 6, 2007

Well, today has been eventful! We took the Blazer in to get fixed, ran errands,and cleaned house. I have to tell my girls thank you! They did a great job helping me clean up today. Now we’re heading to the pool! (Hopefully I wont burn!) YES, you heard it right! The pool. The sun is out and it has stopped raining…..at least for a bit. Thank Heavens!

OK, we’re off!

~Blessed Be~

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I Hope You All

Posted by sallenlouise on July 5, 2007

Had a Happy 4Th!


Ours was nice, we just missed our rock! K.C. is in Houston. Yes,out of town again. He should be home late Friday night, then leave early Sunday morning. Thankfully he will be here Saturday for Rachelle’s birthday.


We started the morning with a call to “dad”. Then we ran outside (we were running late) to catch the fly over. During this time, Rach locked us out of the house. Now that was fun! We were stuck out front in our PJ’s!!! I’m just so glad I had opened my kitchen window, Or who knows what we would have done, let alone the embarrassment!


So, this of course made us late getting to the parade. We finally found a spot, and enjoyed the show. The theme this year: Support Our Troops.


It was very nice. We had some High ranking military, and a bunch of army vehicles. I have to admit, I don’t know much about army ranks, I’m an air force brat. It was very nice. A lot of the local churches were in the floats and of course a lot of businesses. Candy was thrown to the onlookers, as well as bottled water from one float.


I really felt a warm sense of community, very nice especially these days! Our world today is completely different from when I was growing up. Or is it? Is it that I started my life in a small village in England until I was about 8 or so, and then for the rest of my youth, on Air Force bases? When I hit high school, I was a civilian again.( Dad had retired) Things were very different,or so it seemed. Maybe it is different now, because I am looking with a mother’s eyes. An adults eyes.


Sorry, I get a little nostalgic during these times. I miss both of my dads. I would love to have raise my girls in my home village. Yet, we make do.


Anyway, moving on, here are some pics.  OK,maybe not. I am trying to get my little videos working….So, I guess I will have to update them later.


I have  some pics to share!

 Let me just say THANK YOU to Miranda! Ummm, I’m in Heaven! So is Selah and Rachelle!

You really shouldn’t have. I know, I know, you use your TLC now, but wow!

They are awesome! Now I have 2 kinds of fav hooks!

Brittany and bamboo. I just realized, you got me into both of these hooks……..haha!

From Miranda!

YAY!  Theses are what I helped test. I’m still a creeper when it comes to crochet…..

but the more I do it, the faster I will get. The last 4 pics were tested awhile ago, I just never uploaded them.



This is the Sweet Indulgence Sweater Set for Babies size 6 months

(Sorry , I haven’t weaved in the ends!)

Sweet Indulgence sz 6 months/ Lullabies & Lace

 Swwet Indulgence/ Lullabies and Lace

Cheeky Squares Apron

(I’m going to make some flowers for the three blue squares)

Cheeky Squares Apron/ Lullabies & Lace

Summer Meadows Ensemble size 12 mnths

(not finished, I’m a thread newbie……)

Summer Meadows Ensemle size 12/ Lullabies & Lace

 Filligree Flower Set

(This is actually made with silver wire…..)

Filligree Flower set / lullabies and lace

Trellis Wrap Set

Trellis Wrap Set/ Lullabies & lace



1 of 4 Goddess Scarves 

 Goddess Scarf/ Crochet Garden

2 of 4 of the Goddess Scarves 

 Another Goddess Scarf/ Crochet Garden



Fridgie Swap  from Beth @ the Ville.  There were stitchmarkers

But They are in use! Thanx Beth, I loved everything!

Ville Fridgie Swap frm BethEATH.

Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap

THANK YOU! I loved everything inside!

Ummmm, My Brutusgot into the Burts Beans.

I have to say, I didn’t mind too much, lol!

 Brutus eating the Harry Potter Jerlly beans

My HSK Bag!


Another Goddess Scarf/ Crochet Garden

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