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Another leave of absence…..

Posted by sallenlouise on July 25, 2007

I know, I know! It’s just I get on here, get what I need, do what I have to, and then…..I’m done. OK, there is something that I neglected to add. I end up on a continuous search for a pattern….no, not a specific pattern. It’s one that says “This is it, I’m the pattern you were looking for!” I know that I’m not the only one out there that does this. I can’t be. SPEAK UP for the love of everything good, speak up!!!!!

Moving passed that bit of madness! I have yet to upload these pics that are sitting in my camera. I have to load them, they are really nice. My SWAP partners would probably appreciate it if I did so. Swap partners…I will, very shortly!

I have a few projects going on, some I can discuss, other’s I can’t……ears and eyes are watching me…..the sneaky devils! They (my girls) always find out my crochet surprises. Hmmmm, we’ll see this time. Now I don’t remember what’s what…
I’m in a new SWAP, it’s called called Stitch Marker Stash Builder. You come on over and join, I’m the host. 🙂 You make 5 stitch marker’s for 2 people. Easy peasy!!!!

PC news…mine sucks! How’s that for news. For the last month, or more, my pc hasn’t been shutting down when I shut it down. It goes through the motions, getting my hopes up, teasing me, then it just restarts! Now, my lovely pc has started to shut down when I don’t ask it to. UMMMMM, hello, I was doing something here!!!!

So, who knows what’s going on. I think though that K.C. will need to leave the laptop at home the next time he goes out of town. I haven’t told him this bit of news yet…..hmm!

——->FYI:I just don’t want anyone going off the deep end if I can’t get online, so this is a heads up!……ummmm, weird, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone……

OK, this post has been brought to you by Me, the resident nut case! Have a great day y’all!


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