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Finally, a lovely cup of tea!

Posted by sallenlouise on August 17, 2007

My PG Tips came in today!!!! It has been way to long since I’ve enjoyed a cup. (And boy am I enjoying it!)

My PC is down. It has been for the last 2 weeks or so now. THANK HEAVENS KC left me his laptop….He is just the best. We will get it looked at eventually, but right now other things are more important.

I think I have all of my links on the laptop now…..Hopefully….I’m sure I have a bunch that I will find again later. I think the main ones are set though. The printer is finally configured to the laptop. That was fun, let me tell ya! I’ve lost pictures though. I hope we will be able to retrieve them , but there were a few I NEED now. Not happy. Ohh well, what can ya do. My phone is almost transferred fully over. YAY!! Monday, all should be completed. It’s even on another side f the house. (long story)Still looking for a house. Getting the kids ready for back to school. I know you all know how much fun that is!!

It’s Autumn Secret Pal time at the Ville again!!! YAY!! I love swaps, secret pals, ad the ‘Ville just does it the best!

I have so many ideas planned for my SP….I’m so excited. I also can’t wait to find out who my unknown is. It’s sooo much fun! For one round, I had my friend Miranda…..that was very hard to keep a secret. I NEVER WANT SOMEONE I KNOW AGAIN!!It was a difficult swap!! LOL….It was still fun though!

AHHHHHH, I started a Mystery Yarn Ball Swap for my daughter. So, come join, it will be fun! I have some square swaps that Selah and I are doing, a couple of dishcloth swaps, and a stitch marker swap. My coffee/book came in today for another swap that I’m in. I can’t wait to try the coffee. The Kona blend smells yum !!! One of the books was a Victorian mystery romance, and the other was Children of Men……I have been wanting to read this!! Soo yay!!

And, I cannot forget Misty. Misty, Misty, Misty!!!! I love the shawl and square. The shawl was soooooo pretty! I will get a picture up soon. Thank you!!! ( I love the color and fringe!!)

Alright, thats enough for now. Ohh, I will update the pattern tomorrow. It’s going to be a crazy day.


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