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Things are a hoppin’!

Posted by sallenlouise on August 30, 2007

My “babies” are back in school! Selah, my first baby is now a freshman in high school! I remember when I was a fish….how can my baby be one???? My other baby is in 7th…still have a few years yet…yay! What an emotional and crazy week so far. We have so much to do, it’s exhausting.
Hubby was home for a few days, and we went house hunting together! ( I have been the lone house hunter) He went to The Valley this morning and will probably be gone for a week or so. 😦 . I looked at a few more today, ad think I’ve found a winner. Keep your fingers crossed)


I have joined yet another swap…….I KNOW! HSKS 3!!!! Love this swap!!! I was in the first, skipped the second, but obviously I couldn’t keep away for long! lol! I can’t help myself. Unfortunately, I had to drop a few others. (Trying to save some extra money) Sniffle Sniffle….. Whatever will I do??(input southern accent!)

I will be updating my Boutique. I forgot all about my page, and have sold a few that are pictured. Silly me. So, for now, it is marked private…..I will unveil soon! I have some more stitch markers and a few patterns for 12″ squares. One is govig me a bit of a prob, but it will get there.

My unknown at the Ville send me an awesome package yesterday!!!!! THANK YOU SECRET SISTER!!!!! I will update with a pic soon. (She’s on vac, so no hurry!)

Also, my coffee and a surprise swap stuff came in today! AWESOME! I love swaps so much!!!!!

There is another charity scarf event . The need is for purple scarves for domestic violence. If interested, message me. Otherwise….tomorrow I will have the info updated.


Season 2 of BIG LOVE is over(HBO). What an end! You sort of have to feel sorry for ol’ Roman. I did feel a little bit sorry for Alby in the beginning…..but after what he’s been pulling, he can go where the sun don’t shine….so to speak, lol! UMM, don’t ask me what it is about this show, but I’m HOOKED!!!!!! It may be because it’s so different. I also love Bill Paxton. Yum!!! (even thought he’s played the wimp in a few of his movies!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!! Alien and True Crime)

I can’t wait for Private Practice to start (ABC) When they did the GA show with the cast…..I was like, I want to watch that show! Little did I know that was the plan the whole time! LOVE IT!!!!

OK, I will close for now. I will holler more later.


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