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Posted by sallenlouise on September 6, 2007

Current Mood: AGGRAVATED!!!!!!

My hubby was home last night, he made it in about 8, 8:30 or so. (Left at 6am this morning) He was way to tired to make a run to the “possible new house” and have a look. I was like, OK, I will just show him the pics that I took. At least this way he will have some sort of idea. Well, that idea soo went out the front door! After he was settled, kids in bed, and a cup of tea in hand, I turn on the lap top.

I jnew something was wrong! It went to that funky screen that says start in safe mode, start normally…blah blah blah. I knew for a fact it was shut down ok, so I clicked start normally. NOTHING. Started to do something but went back to the same screen. I tried the isafe mode option….same thing. So, selfishly, I looked at hubby, you know the look, and asked if he was awake enough to see what the problem is with this pile of crap wonderful equipment.

Long story now shortened, He had to reboot to the way it was when we first bought it. YAY! No pics, no files, no anything of what I had on here. All gone. Obliterated. Now, I get to do the fun part of finding all of my links, yet again, remembering what password wet where…………ARGGGGGGGGGG!

I will answer my e-mails later…..this is gonna take me awhile.



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