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My Round Ripple WIP

Posted by sallenlouise on September 7, 2007

Well, I have pretty much in order lap top wise. I still have MANY, MANY links to retrieve. I’m thrilled…can’t you tell.

I have been realizing throughout today, that I have lost files that I forgot that I had, lol! I’m just wondering how many patterns were lost….sniffle sniffle!


Here is a Round Ripple that I started…need to finish, but had other things to do first. (Thank you for the pattern Aggie Mae!!!!!) It’s going to get a lot bigger, and the green is going to get wider on every repeat. This would be my second RR. I made another for a business associate of my DH. It has yet to be given to him, so I will have to pull it out and take a pic.

Round Ripple

I’m using RH Pale Plum and the variegated is Watercolor.




2 Responses to “My Round Ripple WIP”

  1. Susan said

    thanks for stopping in at my web page! I love the colour combo on your round ripple!, I made one a few months back and gave it away to a cousin — I have twin babies due – to my nephew and wife in about 3 months so am thinking of making two for the babies — now to find that pattern again!

  2. sallenlouise said

    Thanx Susan! Let me know if you need help finding a pattern!

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