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~*~In Death~*~

By J.D. Robb, aka Nora Roberts

Glory In Death

Immortal In Death

Rapture In Death

Ceremony In Death

Vengeance In Death

Holiday In Death

“Midnight in Death” Silent Night Anthology

Seduction in Death

Reunion in Death

Purity in Death

Portrait in Death

Imitation in Death

Divided in Death

Visions in Death

Survivor in Death

Origin in Death

Memory In Death

“Haunted in Death” Bump in the Night Anthology

Born In Death

Innocent in Death (Feb 2007)

“Eternity in Death” Dead in the Night Anthology       (Nov 2007)

Creation in Death (Nov 2007)

~*~I began this series with book 13. (I picked it up at a bookstore for $1) Halfway into it, I thought, I have to read this from the beginning. I looked on-line, and saw just how many I needed to read. So, I stopped reading Divided , and checked out Glory. I finished it last night (Friday, April 27th, 2007) Eve is a strong woman, but also vulnerable. She can really kick some butt! Don’t even get me started on her love interest Roarke. WOW! Anyhow, from what I’ve read so far, this series will be a winner. Do you expect anything less from good ole Nora? .~*~


One Response to “~IN DEATH~”

  1. Jana said

    I LOVE this series! I want to read them all too!

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