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Swaps and all that fun stuff

Posted by sallenlouise on September 20, 2007

This is what I sent to my partner for the Mystery Yarn Ball Swap. 

This is what I put together for her! I included this set of stitch markers, plus some Harry Potter trading cards. I also used a skein of RH Symphony to finish wrapping…I ran out! LOL~ This was my first Mystery Yarn Ball swap, and I had lots of fun putting it together. It took a while to wind it all, but that was part of the fun! I hope she enjoyed everything!

Mystery Yarn Ball
Selah’s partner should have received hers by now, but we forgot to take a picture. I do know that everything but the Holiday Knits book and Michaels mints from the 1st pic, plus a pattern book of baby sweaters and a big Strawberry Shortcake sweater book. Her partner makes sweaters for children for charity. Selah thought that would be neat for her to have. I think she yanked some of my pre-made stitch markers..but I can’t remember , lol! I’ll have to ask her.


The final results: The 1st one from me, and the 2nd from Selah. We were able to wrap her books up, they were soft. Her skein started out a small looking 3.4 ounce ball, and ended up looking like a skein of RH, the 7 ouncers! Just sort of funny to me, lol!



OK, this is a little clutch/pouch thing that I made for another swap. I wont say which one, or for who, they haven’t received it yet. I just had to share! It’s nothing major, and it’s not what I had planed for it to be, but there you go! I thought it was cute. I used Caron SS for the outside, and RH for the lining. See the button, that’s for easy removal for when you have to wash it. I just realized though, that if the inside needs to be washed, most likely the outside will need to be as well…Hmmm. Ohhh my mind lately!lol!

I have some Halloween squares to show! I love it when I can do this (alternate the colors on the other sq):

As you can see, I have been playing around with the basic granny. I did the diamond by pulling my alternate yarn along. I’m giving this ago, and practicing because pretty soon, I’m going to try crocheting from a chart. That will be interesting, I’m sure!


I am working slowly on my kit tote for Miranda. I’m using the colors she likes, and using an afghan pattern that I have, I’m making the tote. What I’m not looking forward to is making the lining. If I can sew one, I might do that, but I really can’t sew…. I know, a lining should be simple enough, but I am challenged in this area. I found this out during HSKS 1. I really did give it my all, but I ended up having to buy a tote for my last parter. 😦 So, I may have to crochet it. YAY!(FYI:That is a sarcastic yay!)

Other News

I am working on something special for Patti. She is the wonderful artist, graphic person that made my banner and button for my Etsy store. Did you notice the petals…AWESOME! She also made me a banner for Tupperware. I love it! You can see it here. Check out her Etsy store, she has some really Cool Cats and other things. I am very great full to her and want to put something special together that she will love.

OK, I have more pics and swap news, but I cant post it all in this post now can I? Nope! So, maybe tomorrow I will post more pics. I hope you are having a great night, I will talk to you soon~



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Things That make you go HMMMMM, or is it MMMMMM?!?!?!?

Posted by sallenlouise on September 12, 2007

OK, strange thing. Earlier today I was thinking about what to do for dinner. Spaghetti popped in my mind. Then was replaced by home made pizza. I thought, I am gonna have to get on here and look for a pizza dough recipe. Obviously, it was out for tonight. I will have to get the necessary ingredients the next time I go grocery shopping.

While checking my blog, I accidentally clicked on something. (Still not used to the lap top!) Well, it was a new blog buddy, LIZ. No biggy, I needed to catch up on her posts anyway. Her post for the 9th was about making homemade pizza with the family….and she linked to the pizza dough recipe! Can you believe that? Thank you Liz for posting the recipe!!! Sooo, on Friday, the girls and I are making pizza from scratch!!! Rachelle is going to be sooo excited! She has had thoughts about becoming a CHEF. That would be nice, I told her when she does, she could teach me how to cook!

I sent out Selah and my Mystery Yarn Balls today, as well as a few other swap things. The Mystery yarn ball was fun to do, I didn’t appreciate the shipping though, lol! I really didn’t think about that when I let Selah participate.(shipping wasn’t that bad!) Oh well, she had fun! She definitely loves to shop!

Here’s Selahs Mystery Yarn Ball  &  Here’s my Mystery Yarn Ball to Carrie


Alright, I’ll be going for now. I hope you all have a great night!


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Wednesday already???

Posted by sallenlouise on April 4, 2007

Wow, it’s Wednesday already. Sheesh, I’m really wondering when the last time I slept all night was. Now it’s the puppies, and I’m getting back in that mode where I can’t sleep well when hubby is out of town. Oh well.
OK yarn lovers, come on over to The Ranch and join the summer shawl swap! Knitters and crocheters are all welcome!
I will add more later when I’m more lively.(most likely tomorrow!) Have a great day everyone, and don’t work too hard!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~


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Some Updates

Posted by sallenlouise on April 3, 2007


I have sent out all of my squares for the Lullabies swap! I think the ghans are going to come out so pretty! I’m on time with the square swap at The Ranch. (finally, lol) I am for sure signed up for the summer shawl swap! I am going to love this one!
I am working on something , I can’t say what just yet due to wandering eyes!
I have my dishcloths made for the Dishcloth swap at the Ranch.
Just need to mail them out.
I will be mailing out my reveal package to my Ville SP
this week! I really think she will like what I chose to spoil her with!
My unknown SP has not been well, so keep her in your prayers and thoughts. (She has been so kind, and has spoiled me sooo much! I think she has a heart of gold!)
Also, my friends diabetes has been acting up…..keep her in your prayers and thoughts too.
I need to really get and finish the edging on some of my ghans……..I am soooo awful!
I have quite a few other ghans that I want to make! I want to make so much more than time allows. I also really want to increase my knitting skills. I love cables!! Have had a heck of a time finding a darn cable needle locally. I will have to look online.
Has anyone used Ernst Glass Knitting Needles?
They look divine, but before spending that much……..I gotta know if they are wonderful to work with.
~Family Life~
As you can see in the previous post, my Goldie had pups. 4! She is such a good mamma! Saturday, we took her to the vet. She had been panting throughout the night, and we were getting worried about her. She’s well! We are so happy, but the piece of mind cost $300!
(Thats why I need to really consider any future purchases!lol)
I had sent my Ville unknow SP an email Sunday. I stated that my hubby would be home today, might leave Tues, but who knows. (I might have him home for the week) Well, as soon I hit send, the phone rang. Needless to say, he is out of town……..We think he’ll be home by Thursday.
Saturday, was also my kiddos band auction. All grades performed during the day. THey each played 2 songs. I spent $50 for 10 tacos! They had ran out of food! Rach had to be there @ 12pm, and Selah had to be there by 6:30pm.
So, with the band auction, Goldie and the new pups, it was hectic.
The pups have been keeping me up…I have to make sure they are OK. They wiggle all over the place! If they wiggle off of their bed, Goldie whimpers while she gets them. It’s like shes pleading with them to stay put and go to sleep! The pups noises seem to be getting louder and louder. Especially pup number 1! He sure does have a personality already! They are the cutest little things though!
Alrighty, my nighttime medicine is kicking in. I hope everyone has a great week!

~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

~*~SIGN UPS OPEN untill April 9 2007~*~

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Playing Catch Up

Posted by sallenlouise on March 29, 2007

What a weird few weeks. My hubbies studying and the endless !TABS! have paid off!!! (tabs as in Avery, not the drink…Um, there is a drink, right?lol) He will soon be an official Journeyman Electrician.WOO HOO! He will take the masters exam in April.[He will not be a Master Electrician untill next year though.] I’m so excited and sooo proud!!!
We are on schedule, actually, a head of schedule for what we planned.[especially for the masters] It’s funny though, when we started the planning process, it seemed like forever away. Yet the closer it came……..the more we felt it. It’s hard to put into words. Now….wow!
We have all sacrificed for this to happen. Hubby the most. My friend said to me , that it was “probably harder for him than us. We miss just him when he’s gone, he’s missing all of us…… ” Ofcourse, thats not including the physical aspect. He has been working his behind off…..seriously, I can’t find it anymore!lol! Boy do I love my man!
~Ville Secret Pal~
I have neglected my unknown SP. If you are reading this…….you know how horrible I feel.
Your package was the absolute best!

She made me a plastic bag holder Angel. (that I have been wanting!!!!!) A dish soap dress, a dishcloth that is soo frilly and cute, that I don’t think that I can use it. The most precious Angel ever, just look at the detail!
A lovely card, 3 skeins of Jiffy yarn! AND, NO, I’m not done yet, lol!
The lovely book Gods Promises For Women. This will stay with me always.
Thank you soooooo much. I just love all of your work. You really are good at what you do.
I hope you don’t mind…….maybe I should have asked….I never thought of it untill now.
I’m using a pic of the beautiful shawl you made for me as a Shawl Swap button.
It really is special to me, and I just love it! I can’twait to find out who you are!
I do enjoy the suspense!!!
~My Known Ville SP~
She will soon be getting her reveal package!!!! I have a few more things to make, but it’s ready to go! I love spoiling her. I do hope she will enjoy this reveal! I really think she will like what I have surprised her with!
~SP 10~
I have already been spoiling my known SP! I think she’s enjoying her self so far!
I enjoy going to her blog! She’s an awesome knitter!
I’m on a square mission! I plan on having the square swap over at The Ranch finished in two weeks. YAY! I have 4 sent out already, and 16 to go!
I also need to edge 2 dishcloths for the Dishcloth Delights Swap, also at The Ranch.
I haven’t been able to crochet/knit for the last 2 weeks, als most 2 weeks anyway.
I have to send off my last square for the swap over at Lullabies.
Now……I’m signed up for the Shawl Swap at The Ranch.
I’mmmm already wanting an ongoing, like the Square swap at The Ranch and at Lullabies.
Any ideas?
Ohhhh, and I think we will be starting a tea pot cozy swap! yay~
OK, I’m tired now, lol! I’m heading to bed.
Happy Yarning all!

~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

~*~SIGN UPS OPEN End Of March~*~

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~*~TY Ville Secret Pal!~*~

Posted by sallenlouise on February 18, 2007

My SP is the very best! I came home tonight to package! YAY!
Thank you for the yummy Dove choco bar, the beautiful card,
the gorgeous bookmark, the awesome book light, and a new mystery romance
novel. The author is new to me, so, this will be a really fun read! She has also been sending me
e-cards, that are funny, and sweet, and just terrific!
SP…if you are reading this, please tell me what your fav color is!
I have to know!

While I’m here, I want to show you what we did for my girls on Valentines Day.

I tried to deliver it to them at school……..but they wouldn’t let me. There last school it was OK…..I just never did ,lol! Oh well.
They did get to come home to a nice surprise!
I hope all of you had a great Valentines Day!

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~*~SIGN UPS OPEN FEB. 15.2007 – FEB.28.2007~*~

The Details

  • Swap Assignments given 03/01/07-03/04/07
  • Swap Begins 03/05/07
  • Mail Out By 04/15/07
  • Make 5 Dishcloths/Scrubbies For Your Partner
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    Posted by sallenlouise on February 16, 2007

    Thank you so Much ‘Ville SP!!! I loved my e-card, it really brightened my day! I’m prining our correspondences and making a special Ville Secret Pal Scrapbook! Thank you so much for already making this very special!

    ~*~Sign Ups Now Open~*~

    ~*~______~*~ ~*~______~*~
    The Details
    Sign Ups Open Until Feb.28.07
    Swap Begins 03/01/07
    Mail Out By 04/15/07 Make 5 Dishcloths/Scrubbies For Your Partner
    If You would like to join, You need to be a member of the Swappers Ranch
    So come on over and swap with us!
    ~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

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    I think It’s Time To Go Shopping!

    Posted by sallenlouise on February 13, 2007

    Weekly Sales

    Prices Effective
    Thru February 24th

    SENSATIONS Angel Hair $2.00 OFF
    SENSATIONS Sprinkles $2.00 OFF
    LionBrand Homespun $3.75 (Reg $4.99)
    RedHeart Super Saver $1.89 (Reg $2.29)

    Provo Craft® Knifty Knitter™ Long Loom Series $14.99 (Reg $19.99)
    Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Yarn 2 for $4 (Reg $2.49)

    Lion Brand® Pound of Love Yarn $4.99 (Reg $6.99)

    ~Thats All Folks~

    Prices Effective
    FEBRUARY 12 – 17
    Lily Sugar N’ Cream $1.11
    Coats Classic Crochet Thread $1.17
    YarnBee Soft Delight,Wild CHild Eyelash 99cents
    Lion Wool & Caron Felt It 30% OFF
    Vintage Style Tools & Notions 30% OFF
    All Sil-o-ette Foam Products 50% OFF
    ~That’s All Folks~

    Prices Effective

    Sunday, Feb 11th – Saturday, Feb 17th
    Michaels Yarn Sale
    Homespun® Shetland
    Chunky Tweeds
    Lion Bouclé Lion Brand® Wool
    Classic Merino Wool
    3.99 Each
    ( Reg. 4.99 to 6.29 Each)
    ~That’s All Folks~
    DrawShoppingListLink(“-2093776937”, “/michaels/default.aspx?action=addshoppinglist&storeid=2414989&pretailerid=&listingid=-2093776937&offerid=0&catid=&redirect=%2fmichaels%2fdefault.aspx%3faction%3ddetail%26storeid%3d2414989%26rapid%3d0%26pagenumber%3d0%26listingid%3d-2093776937%26offerid%3d%26shoppinglist%3dy&ref=%2fmichaels%2fdefault.aspx%3faction%3dbrowsecategoryl1%26storeid%3d2414989%26CatTreeID%3d53923%26L1CatID%3d53923&finalprice=3.9900”, “» Add to Shopping List”, “» Remove from List”)

    ~Dishcloth Delights Sign ups Open Feb 15th!~

    ~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

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    Posted by sallenlouise on February 7, 2007

    We will be starting a new swap at The Swappers Ranch.

    http://www.glittermakercodes.com/ - Glitter Graphics

    • Sign ups open Tuesday, 02/15/07
    • Sign Ups End Sunday, 02/25/07
    • Swap Begins Thursday, 03/01/07
    • Swaps Puffies need to be mailed by Saturday, 03/26/07

    Come on over and swap with us!

    ~Do you love to SWAP? Come on over to the Swap Ranch!~

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    Posted by sallenlouise on January 26, 2007

    WOO HOO! My hubby is finally home! He’s been gone for a month, so, we’re very glad to have him home! I most likely will not be blogging over the weekend. There is a big possibility that he will be leaving again on Sunday or Monday.
    I hope you all have a great weekend!

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