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Hi, It’s me, remember?

Posted by sallenlouise on June 21, 2007

OK,   Well, I have kids………that is my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

I also have charter……and when I sit down to do something….the cable is down or some other story they have to give.

Moving on.

It’s the summer, the kids are out of school. It seems I’m running running running…….but still have loads to do. Ha…..I know that I am not alone.

My hubby is in town! YAY!!! He is taking tomorrow of work, it’s our daughters birthday. She  will be 14……..EEEEKKKKKKK! I just need to take a breath on that. My friend informed that in a few weeks, I will have 2 teenagers…….eekkk again……and as if I need to be reminded. Hormones speak so well for themselves. I just pray that the Lord helps us through the next years.

Well, with all of my running around, I have been crocheting. I have the coolest Apron that I tested…I will post when it’s up for sale. I have just finished a baby sweater set that is totally gorgeous! (I just wish that I new a baby to give it to) I’m working on a THREAD dress for testing. Yes, I said thread! It’s size 10, so, you threadies out there are like, “That’s nothing!!” It’s an accomplishment for me. I really like wroking with it though. The look and feel, YUM!

HSKS is ready to be mailed!!!! I am not happy though. I bought 2 hanks of sock yarn from Etsy, but my puppies got it, and now it’s all tangled. $40 dollars down the drain. But what can you do.

SP 10 is almost over……..I am happy to say, thank heavens. I  have one more puffy to send, and we’re done.Still no clue about my unknown S10.  Are you out there?

The Ville’s Summer SP is underway, and I love spoiling my gal!

My squares are finished for The Swap Ranch. YAY! Ihave been trying to put some extra’s in each package. I hope everyone likes the surprises.

I have about 10packages that need to be mailed………….WOW! I know! But, It’s so much fun to put things together for people.  I love to give gifts, I always have.

Ohh, on a puppy note, they all have homes now. So we’re down to just Brutus and Goldie! (the pups were adorable and I loved them all, but feeding 6 dogs alone was enough!)

This is what i sent for the Fridgie Swap at the Ville. Beth, I hope you liked everything!


This was A RAOK for Deb at the Ville. She was my Holiday Gift Exchange partner for last Christmas.

I just wanted to send her something nice!

For Deb

This was what i sent Misty for the square swap.

For Misty

I have more, but I have to sort them. Will update soon. More pics to come~!

I’ll close for now,



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