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~Left Behind~

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~*~The Left Behind Series~*~

By Dr. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

Left Behind

Tribulation Force


Soul Harvest



The Indwelling

The Mark


The Remnant


Glorious Appearing


The Rising—Countdown to the Rapture

The Regime—Countdown to the Rapture

The Rapture—Countdown to the Rapture

Kingdom Come

~*~I read the majority of these books the summer before Assasins came out. I could not get enough. By the time I had read Assasins, I was soooooo anxious for the Indwelling to be released. This was a wonderful reading experience, but…. let’s see, how should I describe it? Completely exasperating! I just couldn’t stand waiting to find out what happened to these characters that just grabbed a hold of you. The same thing every fall………you had to wait another year. I highly reccommend these books. Requardless of what your beliefs maybe on this subject, this is a riveting series.~*~
—–} WARNING {—–
~*~You do become attached to these characters.~*~


One Response to “~Left Behind~”

  1. Beth said

    I’ve thought about reading these but haven’t had the chance. It looks like you like the series!

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